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I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and thank all those who serve and have served the Borough, the County, the State, and the Nation as elected officials. 

My commitment this year is to carry out the business of the Borough with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.  The residents of Bound Brook should expect nothing less than that from its elected officials.


Goals for the Borough Council Committees and Commissions:


  • FINANCE:  I challenge the Finance Committee to continue the annual lowering our tax rate and reduce average Municipal Property Taxes by 10%.

  • PUBLIC WORKS, BULDINGS, GROUNDS & UTILITIES: I challenge this Committee to continue its outstanding work on keeping the Borough parks beautiful, taking up the new challenge of rubbish collection, repairing and snowplowing the 26-miles of Borough roads in a timely manner, and making a smooth transition of sewer system repair and maintenance to NJ American Water.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY:  I challenge the Commission to upgrade Rescue Squad operations, develop a marketing program to recruit more Fire Department and Rescue Squad volunteers, and develop a long-term plan for future Police Department manpower and operational needs.

  • PERSONNEL, ADMINISTRATION & ORDINANCES: I challenge you to continue to ensure that Borough personnel exhibit the respect, courtesy and professionalism in day-to-day operations. 

  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: I challenge the Committee to continue negotiating development agreements that financially benefit the residents and businesses of Bound Brook and promote development plans and designs that enhance streetscapes and reduces the strain on parking.

  • ZONING, CONSTRUCTION & CODE ENFORCEMENT: I challenge the Committee to re-emphasize the safety of all construction projects and continue strict enforcement of maintenance codes to improve business and neighborhood environment.

  • LIBRARY ADVISORY BOARD: I challenge you to develop a cost-effective plan to execute the library facility upgrade including new and improved heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, while maintaining the historic appeal of our Bound Brook Memorial Library.

  • BOARD OF HEALTH:  I challenge you to reach out for more volunteers and provide the Borough with helpful information on COVID testing and vaccinations as we hopefully move away from this Pandemic.

  • BOARD OF EDUCATION LIAISON:  I challenge you to keep the Mayor and Council aware of School District operations and budget efforts to reduce the School District tax levy on Borough residents.

  •  RECREATION COMMISSION:  I challenge you to move forward with the design and execution of a new pool installation and maintain recreational and sport activities that improve the quality of life for the children of Bound Brook.


For myself, in my 8th year of service,

  • I will continue to represent and fight for the Borough of Bound Brook at County, State and Federal Government levels.  As a member of the Board of Directors of the NJ Conference of Mayors, an active member in the NJ League of Municipalities and a “small city” member of the US Conference of Mayors, I pursue fairness for our community in financial and statutory issues.

  • I will continue to enhance transparency in government, communicating with residents of the Borough through the Bound Brook Chronicle and my “open door” policy.

  • I will make every effort to conduct public meetings encouraging all participants to exercise respect, courtesy, and professionalism.


Thank you for your support and, once again, have a Happy & Healthy New Year.



Robert Fazen

Mayor, Bound Brook, New Jersey

January 4, 2022

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